Many have suggested that the Agency Workers Regulations
which come into force in October, could spell the end of 'Ganging'.
This is probably an exaggeration, but are you and,
more importantly your customers ready?
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The Agency Workers Regulations will give temporary workers, after just twelve weeks, the right to equal treatment and the same employment conditions as if they had been employed by the Labour User to do the same work.

Equal treatment means the following and much, much more
• the same basic salary,
• bonuses,
• shift allowance,
• overtime payments,
• holiday pay

The Regulations are complex and, as is obvious from the above will have a profound impact on our industry. Ideas abound on how best to manage your workforce and protect your business, but some solutions currently being touted could make matters worse.

Without doubt, Labour Providers and Users alike need each other to find a workable solution.

The Gangmasters Alliance in conjunction with Cobleys Solicitors, Exchange Chambers and RSM Tenon, has brought together two lawers (Paul Kirtley, Jonathan McIlveen) who specialise in Employment Law plus an experienced Tax Advisor (Liz Coleman) with a long history of successful negotiations with HMRC.

The Boston Seminar

The Venue The White Hart Hotel, Boston Lincolnshire PE21 8SX
When Monday 16th May 2011 at 2.45pm
The Cost £70.00 per attendee (additional tickets charged at £35.00)
The Program  
14.45-15.00 Registration
15.00-15.10 Welcome - Terry Godfrey - The Gangmasters Alliance
15.10-15.40 Introduction to the Legislation - Paul Kirtley - Exchange Chambers
15.40-16.25 Overview on GLA - John McIlveen - Cobleys Solicitors
Jon states that even in the best regulated company, unpleasant surprises can follow a compliance visit from the GLA. He explains that properly handled there can still be light at the end of the tunnel
1) Licensing Standards - compliance and appeals against revocation of license.
2) New GLA Licensing Standards (taking effect in April 2012).
3) Compliance Inspections - tips to avoid non compliance.
4) Criminal Sanctions flowing from Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004
16.25-16.45 Break and Refreshments

HMRC and NMW update - Liz Coleman - RSM Tenon
1) Liz will highlight the various "hot potatoes" that currently concern the HMRC; these will include Tax investigations and HMRC approaches to VAT enquiries.
2) In these difficult times, it is often necessary to seek time to pay. Liz explains how to give HMRC a reason to accept rather than a reason to refuse.
3) Insolvency action by HMRC - provisions of the insolvency act, provisional liquidation and protection of directors assets.
4) NMW enquiries and the current thinking.

17.30-18.30 How to prepare for the Regulations - Paul Kirtley
Paul will discuss the changes and challenges that will come into force in October 2011 and what steps labour users need to take.
This talk will help in providing practical advice and guidance on how to protect your business.
1) The Swedish Derogation – is it effective?
2 What challenges lie ahead?
3) The use of “Pay between Assignments” contracts
4)  How can we cooperate together to ensure compliance with AWR and minimise additional costs of both providers and users?

18.30-19.00 A chance to question our panel and discuss your worries
19.00 Refreshments and Informal Discussion


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